Cross-platform brand lift measurement. Finally.

Looking to understand the impact of your digital, linear TV, and connected TV advertisements on brand KPIs? Lucid Impact Measurement provides accurate, cross-platform brand lift measurement of your campaign, updated daily in one dashboard.

Better brand lift measurement


One platform to measure every ad in your campaign

With a holistic view of campaign performance across channels, you can optimize your media spend while your campaign is in flight to get the most out of your budget.

Optimize your media spend

Lucid’s dynamic dashboard is updated daily with your campaign data to measure the impact of your ads against your KPIs: brand awareness, brand consideration, message association, ad recall, purchase intent, and more.  

And, you can break down each KPI by channel, demographic, frequency of exposure, network, creative, ad length, and daypart.

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Our Partners

Lucid’s data providers can track TV ad viewing exposures across more than 10 million households in the United States.



How does it work?

Lucid’s survey-based approach is opt-in and validated on usage and behavioral data for trustworthy results.

Step 1:
Ad Delivery
A consumer views your ad on their television, computer, tablet, or smartphone.
Step 2: Attribution Data from our partners or our tracking pixel is used to identify consumers who have seen the ad.
Step 3: Survey Lucid surveys an exposed group (who have seen the ad) and a control group (who have not). 
Step 4: Validation The results are cleaned and weighted, validating the control and exposed groups.
Step 5: Results Brand lift results are updated in your dashboard every day at 11:00 am Eastern time.



Lucid is trusted by hundreds of global brands

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Lucid Impact Measurement Metrics


481.6B+ Campaign impressions tracked

9.2M+ Ad effectiveness survey completes

6,000 Ad campaigns tracked


Linear TV measurement through Lucid Impact Measurement is only available in the United States at this time. As we expand our partnerships with TV data providers internationally, we will provide linear TV measurement in additional markets. Brand lift measurement of digital ads is available in select international markets.

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