Behind the Ad:
How The Ad Council Used Analytics to Boost Vaccine Rates

In 2021, The Ad Council participated in the campaign to get Americans vaccinated by introducing their own vaccine education campaign using digital, premium video, and connected TV advertisements. 

Leveraging Lucid Impact Measurement, the Ad Council was able to identify a key “open but uncertain” audience that was receptive to learning more about the COVID vaccine. This led them to evolve their vaccine education campaign strategy by shifting their budget and optimizing their creative to reach this audience with messaging that was likely to make an impact. 

Our Featured Panel of Experts

Mika Cucullo Liz DeAngelis Dan Yi

Director of Product Marketing

Lucid (A Cint Group Company)

VP of Growth and Managed Platforms

The Ad Council

Principal Product Manager

Lucid (A Cint Group Company)


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